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The best products from Japan for your kids. Welcome to the world of japanese diapers. Japanese baby diapers ~ Always Gentle To Your Baby's Skin

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About the Product
  • Super absorbent, highly breathable and ultra soft so your active baby stays dry and comfortable!
  • Instantly draws in and locks away pee, leaving the diaper surface drier for longer usage.
  • Does not stick to your baby's skin so your baby stays dry and comfortable.
  • Fit snugly in all positions, stretch gently around your baby's waist.
  • No red marks or abrasions at the crotch area!

Merries Japanese diapers are one of the most popular brand names of diapers in Japan for many of its great qualities. The unique dual channel absorbent core keeps baby dry, even long into the night. The key to a dry bottom without irritation or allergic reaction is the wavy top sheet that allow air to circulate close to your baby's skin without sticking to it. Merries diapers are great for boys and girls.

Merries diapers comes in the following sizes:

  • Newborn XS - up to 6 pounds, 38 count
  • Newborn - up to 11 pounds, 90 count
  • Small - 9-18 pounds, 82 count
  • Medium - 13-24 pounds, 64 count
  • Large - 20-31 pounds, 54 count

Merries Japanese diapers are available online at our website. Buy the sizes and quantities you need with delivery right to your door.



Moony Air Fit is the latest generation of diapers with a unique patented design, reproducing the baby's body curves. The diaper design has been tested and refined in a specially equipped laboratory with a robot simulating a moving baby. This diaper fabric research was performed by the Unicharm company, in collaboration with the Biomedical Department of Nagasaki University. According to the research, the fabric to which a baby's brain receptors responded to as the most pleasant to touch was discovered and chosen for the new Air Moony

Extra and quicker absorption

The improved and soft wavy inner surface absorbs more moisture at a quicker rate, so the baby's bottom will always be dry, even during a long night's sleep.

Stretchy and soft waist

The elastic and very soft waist is designed not to hamper the baby while at the same time ensuring reliable protection against leaks in the waist area.

Soft folds

The folds of these diapers are gentle and soft like cotton around the thighs, which, along with other innovations, reduce the diaper pressure between the baby's legs by half (although even before it was minimal compared to the Western diapers).

Breathable diapers

Moony Air Fit nappies have a multi-layered structure in which each layer performs its own specific function, while the matching of hygienic materials and innovative technologies allow each layer to breathe separately and the whole structure together.

Improved sticky strips

Improved strips, nonabrasive to the skin - new, cleaner lines and more comfortable shapes.

More sensitive moisture indicator strips

The moisture indicator strips outside the diapers have been made even more sensitive, so you will immediately see when your baby is doing something.

Moony Japanese diapers are a favorite in Japan. With three layers of protection for air circulation and absorbency and elastic bands for the perfect fit, Moony diapers are easy to use with high quality. For extra sensitive skin, Moony diapers now offer Air Fit. These diapers still keep baby dry without causing irritation that causes rashes. Moony diapers fit just right for boys and girls.

Moony diapers comes in the following sizes:

  • 'Air Fit' Premie for Newborn - up to 6 pounds, 64 count
  • Newborn - up to 11 pounds, 90 count
  • Small - 9-17 pounds, 84 count
  • Medium - 13-24 pounds, 64 count
  • Large - 20-31 pounds, 54 count

Natural Moony diapers are also available. It is made with 100% organic cotton material with no oils and lots of absorption.

Moony Japanese diapers are available in the United States online at our website. Buy the sizes and quantities you need with delivery right to your door.



Japanese diapers Goo.N are produced only from natural high-quality and environment-friendly materials that passed the high quality control requirements. The diapers have 100% cotton, cellulose and absorbent that makes the liquid into gel, keeping it inside and protecting the skin from irritation.Manufacturer: Daio Paper Corporation, Japan.

Japanese diapers Goo.N are high-quality non-leaking diapers is very important for the baby's wellbeing and comfort. The diapers Goo.n will keep the baby skin healthy and dry. These diapers are made especially for babies with very sensitive skin; they do not cause allergy or irritation. The soft inner layer contains natural E vitamin that avoids the baby skin irritation and allergy reactions on the skin. The diaper is ventilated from the inside, the excretions are absorbed immediately and soft diaper holders do not irritate the skin and protect from leaks. The diapers Goo.N are light, soft, tender, breathing and they do not restrict the baby's inspirations. They have the filling indicator. Once used the Goo.N diapers, you and your baby will love them forever.

Goo.N Japanese diapers are well known in Japan for fit and absorbency. They are soft on skin without causing irritation. The outer mesh sheet keeps any wetness from touching your baby's delicate skin. Vitamin E is infused in the texture. No matter what kind of mess your baby makes, the deodorizing feature traps the smell until changing time. The wetness indicator lets you know when the diaper is wet. Goon diapers is also available in the XL size. Goon diapers fit both boys and girls.

Goo.N diapers comes in the following sizes:

  • Newborn - up to 11 pounds, 90 count
  • Small - 9-18 pounds, 84 count
  • Medium - 13-24 pounds, 64 count
  • Large - 20-31 pounds, 54 count
  • XL - 26-44 pounds, 42 count

Goon Japanese diapers are only available in the United States online at our website. Buy the sizes and quantities you need with delivery right to your door.


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You want your baby to have the best. There are so many options available, especially when it comes to diapers. Moony's are natural and gentle for your baby. They have an inner layer that is made from 100 per cent cotton. This will help prevent allergies and skin irritations for your baby.

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The wetness indicators of some of Merries’ diapers have turned partially green even before use. Why does this happen?

The wetness indicators are sensitive to moisture and wetness, and the colour changes from yellow to green. Hence, the indicators on a diaper may become greenish or partially green in colour due to the moisture in the air, even if the package is unopened. Even though the indicators are partially green, it will turn dark green completely when your baby pees. The colour change does not affect the quality or performance of the diaper and is still safe for usage.

When should I switch from tape to pants diapers?

When your toddler starts moving around actively, and changing diapers becomes a challenge, then it's time to switch to pants diapers! Merries M-size pants diapers will be perfect for babies weighing 6 kg and above, and who are about to start crawling!

Why does the exterior of the Merries diapers feel damp when it is removed?

The diaper's external ventilation layer is made of a special material that can lock in pee while releasing heat and humidity. The entire layer is covered with tiny holes that are invisible to the naked eye. These holes allow gases like water vapour to pass through, but completely block the passage for liquids like pee. So when the exterior of the diaper feels damp, it is not due to the leakage of pee, but the heat and humidity that have been released. Sometimes it may also have the smell of the baby's pee or poo. By increasing the diaper's breathability and preventing humidity, your baby will feel dry and comfortable for a longer time!

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