Merries Diapers

Merries brand baby diapers have been keeping babies comfortable, and happy since 1983. The diapers are designed to be gentle on a baby’s skin, and are extremely high in quality. Over 31 years of research and development were required to develop Merries diapers, and they are just as loved throughout the world as they are in Japan. The research, and analysis concerning a baby’s skin was...

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Japanese Diaper Get World-Wide Reviews

Diapers have been around since babies were born, but they weren't always as nice, soft, and absorbent on your infants bottom or easy to wash either. Diaper rash was a challenge for parents to control with the wet cloth against the babies skin and made worse with the use of plastic pants that trapped in the moisture caused by urination. 

Disposable diapers overtook the world as more...

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Moony Diapers

You want your baby to have the best. There are so many options available, especially when it comes to diapers. Moony's are natural and gentle for your baby. They have an inner layer that is made from 100 per cent cotton. This will help prevent allergies and skin irritations for your baby.

Due to the layer of cotton the Moony will allow the skin to breath and will not stick to...

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